Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade


Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is an American college student who is known for being the daughter of hip-hop artist Eminem. She was born before Eminem became one of the biggest stars of all time in the music industry and her parents struggled to make ends meet and provide her with a decent upbringing. In the late 1990s, her father gradually rose to success. Despite the financial security, Hailie had a troubled childhood because of the volatile relationship between her parents. She came to public attention for the first time because some of her father’s early tracks, such as ‘Hailie’s Song’ and ‘Mockingbird’ had references to her. She still continues to be a prominent subject of his music. While her parents had their differences, which often affected their individual relationship with Hailie, they worked tirelessly to give her a normal upbringing. She has recently become popular as a social media influencer, with thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram.



Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’8″; 173 cm
Weight: 121 lbs; 55 kg
Bust: 34 in; 86 cm
Waist: 26 in; 66 cm
Hips: 35 in; 89 cm
Date of Birth: December 25, 1995
Nationality: American
Instagram: @hailiejade
Twitter: @itshailiescott
TikTok: @hailie_jade_