Olivia Mathers

Olivia Mathers

Olivia Mathers


Olivia Mathers is an Australian model and social media personality who is known for uploading her gorgeous pictures on Instagram which have also garnered her immense popularity. Her modeling career began when she decided to take the advice of her sister’s agent and try out her luck in the modeling industry. Growing up, Olivia Mathers has been very conscious about her birthmark which somehow prevented her from doing things that she really wanted to do. However, with time and the constant support from her close ones, she has gotten over her insecurities. Olivia Mathers also has an eponymous YouTube channel which was created on April 22, 2018. The first video that was uploaded on the channel on August 15, 2018, was titled “LA & CHICAGO VLOG”. It has also garnered a huge fan base with more than 40k subscribers as well as more than 1.5 million views on its videos. Moreover, Olivia Mathers has also amassed a huge social media fan base and has more than 800k followers on Instagram.



Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green; Blue
Height: 5’7″; 170 cm
Weight: 123 lbs; 56 kg
Bust: 30 in; 76 cm
Waist: 24 in; 61 cm
Hips: 36 in; 91 cm
Date of Birth: December 28, 1996
Nationality: Australian
Instagram: @olivia.mathers
YouTube: Olivia Mathers