Polly Parsons

Polly Parsons


Polly Parsons is a television presenter from England who played the roles of Princess Sapphire in Genie in the House, Toonattik, and portrayed the roles of Crystal in Disastrous for Nickelodeon. Similarly, Polly has acted in as Becky in Meet the Parents on E4 and Don’t Get Screwed for BBC Three. Also, she was a presenter on BBC Three’s The Real Hustle in 2012.



Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’4″; 163 cm
Weight: 119 lbs; 54 kg
Bust: 35 in; 94 cm
Waist: 26 in; 66 cm
Hips: 89 in; 89 cm
Date of Birth: February 15, 1984
Nationality: British
Instagram: @pollyroseparsons
Twitter: @PollyParsonsx